1/23 Mini Update

Hello friends!

After a bit of hibernation during the winter holidays, the dev team has awoken and getting back into the swing of things. To finish off January, we are releasing a few things that we have been working on in the background, and have made some long demanded balance changes.

Weapon Changes

  • Reverted hipfire accuracy changes made in the previous shooting update.
  • Moving hipfire accuracy has been decreased slightly.
  • Decreased Spanish Mosquettes lock time from .03s to .05s (still the fastest locktime)
  • Spanish Mosquette is now the default starting weapon for Americans.
  • Improved the 1-shot kill range of the Pattern 1776 Rifle.

Discord RPC

  • You can now see the server and session details of BG3 players in the BG3 Official Discord.

Bug Fixes

  • Grenadier T pose on grenade drop fixed.

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