What kind of game is Battle Grounds 3?

The Battle Grounds 3 is a multiplayer first person shooter which takes place during the American War of Independence. Much of the game focuses on close-quarters melee combat in skirmishes and sieges, while there are also long-range tactical linebattles.

What’s new in Battle Grounds 3?

So many things are new and improved. The game is now on the Source 2013 engine. Graphics have been upgraded across the board. There are new classes, new weapons, and new game mechanics. The classic decade-old maps have been recreated, and new maps added. There is a new AI, allowing for single player play against bots.

How will I get the game?

Battle Grounds 3 will be available on Steam. We do not yet have a certain release date, although we are are making progress. We hope to be ready to release as Early Access on Steam by the end of March.

How much will Battle Grounds 3 cost?

Zero. Battle Grounds has always been and always will be free.

What is the history of the game?

Battle Grounds 1, released in 2001 as a mod for Half-Life, was the pioneer of musket and bayonet games. Then, Battle Grounds 2 was released in 2005 as a mod for Half-Life 2. The two games enjoyed great success, being played by thousands of players. Interest began to waiver around 2010-2012 as new musket-based games came out. Yet the development team slowly continued to release patches and features for Battle Grounds 2 until 2016.

The earliest work on Battle Grounds 3 began in 2013, when the Source 2013 engine was released. While most of the focus was on patching Battle Grounds 2, up into 2016 the maps were ported and beautified into the 2013 engine. The pace began to pick up and most of the game’s other content was completed in 2017. At this point the game was still unannounced. Beta testing with the still-active veteran players began in November 2017. Feedback has been continuously addressed and more content created, leading us to the point where we are now.

Will development continue after release?

Much of this depends on the feedback received after release. We have several ideas in mind, including new gamemodes, bot support for all gamemodes, improved support for competitive matches, and an improved spectator experience.

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