‘Player-Focused Updates’

Important Bug Fixes (April 1st)

-Fix or replace scoreboard [Awesome, TBD]

Colorblind Mode (April 4th)

-Create alternative uniform versions where appropriate [Awesome, Ricochet, Meat]
-Write colorblind material switch static data [Ricochet]
-Implement material file replacement and ‘Colorblind mode’ button [Awesome]

Progression System (April 11th)

-Player Stats & Profiling [Awesome]
-Unlockable Assets (feathered cap, weapons…) [Awesome, Meat]
-Link player profile to unlockables [Awesome]

Valley Forge Training Map (April 18th)

-Main menu notification system (recognizing new players and pointing them toward tutorial) [Awesome]
-Finalize Valley Forge aesthetics [Meat, Ricochet]
-Research or program voiceover system [Awesome, Meat]
-Finalize voiceover scripts [Nathan Hale, All]
-Program training flow mechanics [Awesome]
-Record voiceovers [TBD, Auditions welcome]
-Place all in-map entities and place voiceovers [Meat, Ricochet]


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