Long-time Battle Grounds players like to organize themselves into clans or “Regiments”. These players attend trainings and drills to improve their skills, and then battle against other equally-skilled teams. Clans will also enter into community-organized tournaments to determine who are the best Battle Grounds players.

Here is a list of current Battle Grounds clans, along with statements from the clans themselves. Their statements do not represent The Battle Grounds Game Development Team.

If your clan is missing from this list, contact the development team on the Official Battle Grounds III Discord.

Clan Name Logo Description Link
29th Regiment of Foot The 29th is the oldest and best regiment in the game and is looking for recruits who are interested in Competitive Linebattle, Skrimish and Siege matches both internal and vs other clans! Click here
42nd Commandos Four Two gaming is a multi game community currently active in BG3 as 42Cdo! We play weekly Line battles, do weekly trainings, and are a laid back regiment looking for new blood to mix with the old! Click here


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