Feature Highlight: Officer Buffs

The Officer class was one of the favorite classes in Battle Grounds 2 — widely played for his high mobility. In Battle Grounds 3 his role has completely changed. In this Feature Highlight we will tell you the whole story.

The biggest reason players liked the Officer in the old BG2 was because of his movement speed. He outran all the other classes and was perfect for slashing through enemies. In Battle Grounds 3 this slasher role has shifted to the Minuteman and Native classes; the Officer now fills a slower support role. The team has also added an extra weapon for the Officer. He is now able to play with a carbine. This means you can now choose if you want to play with either a carbine or a pistol. The carbine and speed decrease will let you play as an Officer in a linebattle.

In Battle Grounds 3, Officer buffs are being introduced. He can now buff and rally fellow soldiers by using one of four voice commands. These can be used in all battles to gain do-or-die advantages against your opponent.

These buffs have a cooldown, so make sure to use them wisely. The duration and radius of the buffs depend on if you are playing a scrim or a linebattle. In a linebattle the duration and radius will be longer then in a scrim. Because of the cooldown, timing is critical. If you enable the buff too early or too late it might end up in disaster.

There are four buffs available: Charge, Fire, Rally, and Retreat. Here is a quick and dirty graphic showing the effects of each:


And here is a screen showing these buffs displayed in the HUD:


The numbers under the icons indicate which key needs to be pressed in order to activate the buff. This is the view as seen by the officer. Other classes only see icons for the buff they currently have. With these and other indicators, it is easy to tell what buff you have and what the effects of it are.

In future updates, the class will be tweaked according to player feedback.

See you on the battlefield,


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  1. I look forward to this mod on Steam! This will make it much more suitable for people who are afraid of going to third party sites to download mods, as many are afraid of malware and viruses infecting the computers. I absolutely love this mod and run a server for it occasionally when players who do have it request to play it. I will spread the word to download this game as soon as it is available on Steam!


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