18/5/20 Update – New Team Member, Map Changes, Player Action Menu, CSVs, Fixes

Attention, soldiers! Much has happened inside the developer’s tent—first, we would like to welcome the programmer PhilmacFLy back into the development team. Phil was back in the team during BG2, and was in fact the one who first implemented having the website shown in the main menu. He’s back, and he’s already coded something for us: the player action menu, which you can read about below.

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Tiny Update 25/2/20 – Ticket Bug Fixed, Weapon Buffs, Roadmap

Hi everyone! In the wee early hours of this morning, we released a tiny update whose main purpose was to fix a bug in the ticket system. We know the community has a 1-versus-1 tournament going on, so we decided to release this fix right away instead of waiting for a bigger update.

We also buffed two of the British weapons—the Sea Service Pattern Brown Bess and the Brown Bess Carbine. In both cases, we halved the melee stamina drain and decreased the delay-between-stabs by 0.05s . These changes ought to increase their potency in melee situations.

This update also added in a few textures and assets that will be used in later updates and by community mappers.

Also, in case you haven’t seen it, check out the new roadmap page on the website to see what is coming in the future!

See you on the battle grounds!

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Mini Update TOMORROW! 15/2/20

Attention, soldiers!

Tomorrow, Sunday, we will be releasing a mini-update for BG3. As per usual the update will be released at Noon EST/4pm GMT. Servers will have to update at the same time as players. This update will be largely bug fixes: fixes to the maps and recoil bugs that were introduced in the previous update. We will also be adjusting the mechanics of the grenade.

There have been changes happening in the inner workings of the development team these past few weeks, including a new team member—information on this and more will be in the news post tomorrow.

Until then—see you on the battle field!

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Changelog 26/9/19 – Crash Fix, Discord Server

Attention, soldiers! We are still working hard on future updates, but recently an exploit was discovered that crashes servers. We wanted to deliver a fix for this right away, and we’ve also thrown in a few extra goodies for good measure. In other news, BG3 now has a developer-run Discord Server! Join it now to meet other players, share war stories, and chat with the developers! Additionally, soon the website will be updated with permanent links to this Discord server and other servers which are run by the community.

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