Summary of Updates 1/10/21

Attention, soldiers! It has been a while since the game received a large update; however, over the past few months, the game has nonetheless received a larger number of smaller updates. Their changes are summarized here.

  • Added sg_boston to default mapcycle
  • Fixed British Officer model
  • Fixed Light Infantry hitboxes
  • Adjusted hitboxes on Jaegar, Native, Frontiersman, Continental Officer, and French Officer models
  • Added missing out of tickets texts
  • Added mp_tickets_timelimit to siege cfgs
  • New knife animations (again)
  • New Tomahawk animations
  • New “Newfoundland Infantry” model for the Green Light Infantry uniform
  • Experimental new weapon, the gunstock war club for native (it does more damage when swung in the air, and gives a speed boost on each kill)
  • Added bg_horseshoe as semi-official map
  • Buffed Trade Musket and Dagger weapons
  • Tweaks to bg_abbey
  • Fixed lighting on a barrel model
  • Removed deroga from default mapcycle until such time that it can be fixed
  • Players now have to join a team (or spectate) before being able to chat
  • Tweaked exp bottle texture
  • Added maps/vmfs/example_map as an example map for mapper
  • New Spontoon and beltaxe animations
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur in the class menu
  • Fixed weird cartridge paper in the Sea Service and Common Carbine reload animations.
  • Fixed issue whereby players would be mistakenly auto-oppressed.
  • Added many new props for mapmakers, courtesy of danihel
  • Added missing gunstock world model and menu icons
  • Tweaked gunstock adrenaline mechanic
  • Tweaked bottle hit-world sound
  • Bots no longer block XP
  • Added bot_minplayers_delay to control when the server checks whether or not it should add bots after map change
  • EXP system is now at least temporarily enabled on every map.
  • Darkened the bonus 4th American uniform to make its ‘camoflouge’ ability more closely match other uniforms.
  • Added new quality models courtesy of @danihel (can we get that fish to be an alternative to the bottle?)
  • Added gag and ungag command for stopping a player’s text chat messages without stopping their voice chat. The shorthand commands for this are g and ug. Gagged is preserved between player leaving/joining and between maps just as mute is.
  • Mute command now only blocks voice chat, not text chat.
  • Added silence and unsilence commands for both gagging and muting players. The shorthand commands for this are sl and usl
  • Added sv_rtv_enabled, sv_rtv_nomination, and sv_rtv_threshold for controlling the new RTV system.
  • Certain console commands can now be entered directly into chat without being prefaced with ! or / . This can be turned off with sv_chatcommands 0. These commands are listed below:
    • rtv <map_name> rocks the vote. The map name is an optional parameter that only the first person rocking the vote can enter, which will specify the map to change to after a successful RTV. The map nomination part can be turned off with sv_rtv_nomination 0. The required threshold for rtv completion is determined by sv_rtv_threshold.
    • currentmap reports the name of the current map to chat
    • nextmap reports the name of the next map to chat (or sets it, if you’re an admin and you provide a map name after it)
    • pings reports the average pings of each team
    • ff reports the states of the various friendly fire variables
    • respawn reports the value of mp_respawntime
  • Fixed the RTV system on map start: added sv_rtv_delay to set the time after map change that must pass before players can start RTV again. Default is 120 seoonds.
  • As well, there must now be at least 3 players in-game (who aren’t spectators) in order for RTVs to happen at all.
  • Added new, disabled by default, experimental commands for the voting system which can be entered into chat. These include votekick, votemute,votemap, votescramble, and vote. These are controlled by variables sv_vote_scramble_enabled, etc. Example usage of this would be for a player to type votescramble into chat to begin a vote for scrambling the teams, and then other players type vote 1 into chat to vote yes, or vote 2 to vote no. This system isn’t fully tested (which is why it’s off by default), so experiment at your own peril 😨 The system will be improved and enhanced in future updates, including providing an easier-to-use GUI.
  • Added more model work from @danihel ! He should post some pictures here

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