5/29 Update

New Team Member, New Animator, New Animations!

The BG3 Dev Team is thrilled to welcome Andy from 4th RF onto the development team! As many of you have already seen, over the past few weeks Andy has been hard at work giving a huge upgrade to many of our first person animations. Apart from the aforementioned animation work, Andy also helps organize the weekly multi-clan linebattle event. Andy also works on maps; he has worked on lb_rusholme_c for the multi-clan linebattle event, he is currently helping polish the beloved community map trr_strangeways. He is a welcome addition to the team and we look forwards to seeing what he decides to work on next.

New Animations

  • New first person animations for dagger, rapier and knife.
  • New animation for American and British pistols.
  • Upgraded sounds for American and British pistol animations.
  • The speeds of the third-person world reload animations now match their first person counterparts.
  • Third-person swing animations for knives, swords, axes etc no longer move the head as much.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added console variable mp_tickets_timelimit which, when on, sets the remaining round time to 1 minute when one team loses all of their tickets. This prevents siege rounds from dragging on too long.
  • Added on-screen notifications for when a team loses all of their tickets.
  • Historical accuracy fixes to Old Pattern, Long Pattern, and Sea Service musket models.
  • Light infantry ragdoll pose fixed.
  • M1777 ironsight has been improved.
  • Fixed issue with Native ragdoll.
  • Tweaked ironsights crosshair for when viewmodel is off.
  • Fixed a few musket reload sounds.
  • Updates to built-in competitive cfgs.

Map Changes

  • Battlegrounds 2 official map bg_abbey has been added for 5v5 league. Flag capture times have been reduced, lighting has been improved, sound has been added and the size of the middle area has been reduced.
  • ctf_stonefort has received an optimization pass.
  • sg_siege fire trap size has been reduced on the defender’s side, and ticket values have been changed on the flags.

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