3/7 Status Update

To our friends in the community,

With the addition of new development team members and new community representatives, development has been accelerating. However, sometimes
ensuring that we are making the right moves includes slowing down and making sure things come out correctly. The update we have planned for today will be coming out next Sunday 3/22 in order to ensure everything is up to scratch.

New: The Battle Grounds III Beta Branch

We’ve added a more accessible beta branch into the game to allow for more participation during our testing nights. To switch over to the beta branch, right click on your game in the Steam library, go to properties, and “opt in” to the beta. The BG3 Official New York server runs the correct version of the game. Please remember to opt back out of the beta to go back to playing the normal version. Some of the latest additions to the beta branch include the blunderbuss and a newer model of the Charleville musket. We are also experimenting with newer shooting mechanics.

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