2/15 Sneak Peek

Hello Friends!

We are steadily chugging away on new maps, models and gameplay features, and since it’s been a while since our last content update we wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of what we’re working on. Lead Developer “Awesome” has been hard at work coding in the progression system, crafting the UI and modeling the new skins, weapons and cosmetics! During this sneak peek we will be taking a look at the new weapons that will be coming. Here they are, from left to right according to the image above:

The “Old Model” Long Pattern

This incoming 1728-era long pattern accentuates all of the advantages of the venerated long pattern while also magnifying its weaknesses. Featuring high ball damage, a higher lethal range, a long bayonet range and high melee damage (50 damage arm hits), this musket is a heavy hitter. However, there will be a stamina penalty on melee usage, and the time it takes to shoulder the weapon to aim down sight is increased as well. It will excel in long-range shooting and one-on-one melee, but suffer in group fights.

The Blunderbuss

The long awaited blunderbuss is finally coming! Devastating at close range, the blunderbuss will be given to the shotgun using militia class. The close range lethality of the blunderbuss is countered by the weaker melee weapon that will take 2 headstabs to kill.

The Trade Musket

The trade musket is a specialty weapon given to the native class. Its 1 shot kill mechanic makes this musket similar in play to the powerful one-shot sniper rifles in other games. However, like the blunderbuss, the tradeoff will be in the form of a melee weapon that takes 2 headstabs to kill.

The Light Model Charleville

A lighter version of the standard Charleville musket, this musket features a standard melee range of 81″ with a faster stabbing cooldown of .9 seconds and high accuracy (for a musket). This faster stabbing speed will be counterbalanced with subpar damage in all categories and steep damage falloff. Unlike every other musket in the game, shooting an enemy in the stomach with it will not be a one-shot kill.

The French Carbine

A musket option for the American Officer, this musket is based on the French cavalry carbine. This weapon will have high accuracy, yet have lower ball damage to compensate.

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