Highlight: Competitive Play

For those who have honed their skills with musket and bayonet on the battlefield and are searching for something more, look no more! The community of Battle Grounds III has a thriving skirmish and linebattle community with teams of all skill levels.

5v5 League

The 5v5 league is for players who are interested in showcasing their skill on the battlefield. Teams primarily from North America and Europe battle for the title each season. Each match consists of two 20 minute halves. The 5v5 league is played on smaller BG3 maps such as bg_trenton, bg_winterisle, bg_canal and bg_wrecked. Seasons run for round 6-8 weeks, and a match is played each weekend.

Pick Up Games

For those who would like to practice their melee and shooting skills in a semi competitive environment and understand the gameplay of the 5v5 format, pick up games are an excellent choice. Team captains are chosen, and each take turns picking from a pool of players until teams are formed, then they play a 30 minute match on a map of their choice.

Multiclan Linebattle

The multiclan linebattle is a huge linebattle event in which most of the linebattle clans participate in. Player numbers can range anywhere from 60-100 players. The match is played on linebattle maps, such as lb_alpinepass, lb_autumn and lb_princeton. Teams are organized and each team plays 5 rounds on American and British. The best out of 10 wins.

How do I join?!?!

All of the clans listed in the clans page participate in the 5v5 format or the linebattle event, feel free to hop into one of their discords and inquire about joining or participating in the events. The Battle Grounds III Tournaments discord is a great way to join pick up games, get information about the 5v5 league and multiclan events, and participate in various tournaments (with cash prizes!).

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