11/26 Update

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’d like to give you a juicy BG3 update to put alongside your thanksgiving spread.

Gameplay Updates

  • Grenadiers wielding grenades will now drop them when their throwing arm is injured.

In an effort to move away from point blank hipfiring for easy kills, the following experimental shooting changes were applied:

  • Hipfire accuracy cone is now 1.5 times as big as before
  • Hipfire accuracy takes slightly longer to reach it’s peak after coming to a standstill
  • Bringing up ironsights (ADS time) now takes 25% longer, to reduce unrealistic quick-scoping
  • The ‘slow debuff’ applied by shotguns and grenades now only lasts for 4 seconds instead of 5

Map Changes


  • Removed first flags, modified other flags into 2/1/2 split
  • Opened up the city hall area a bit more
  • Flag behavior streamlined with other 5v5 maps


  • Graphical enhancements, including waves (thanks Taxpayer!)


  • Front gate has more health
  • Moved tunnel flag further back in favor of defenders
  • Main tunnel room made slightly bigger
  • Added a room in American spawn to serve as a ‘final stand’ room when tickets run out
  • Respawn time lengthened from 7s to 9s to give defenders more time to recover
  • British spawn barricade now breaks a second slower to give defenders more time at round start
  • Added class limits for grenadiers

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken ground texture on wrecked
  • Fixed glass texture reflection, multiple maps
  • Fixed hole in british spawn on siege that allowed for an early exit
  • Fixed missing texture on canal

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