Halloween Fright Night Event and UPDATE News!

There is a heinous monster afoot…
it must die, or we’ll all be kaput.
It stalks the swamps and ruins at night
setting Britons and ‘Mericans afright.
It is summoned by absence of light,
glowing pumpkins smiling in delight.
Who will step up as our heroic knight
and save us all from this evil sprite.

Trick or treat, soldiers! This coming Halloween on Sunday the 31st, at 2pm EST / 7pm BST, the Battle Grounds III Official FRANKFURT Server will be hosting our first ever Halloween event… will you be the one to vanquish the terrible beast? Join us for a fun time on the NEWLY REIMAGINED map Bg_Blackswamp from BG2.

Accompanying the event, and ONE HOUR prior to it (at 1pm EST/6pm BST), the game will receive an update to support this event, while ALSO delivering long-awaited features, including the VOTING SYSTEM that will let players vote for map changes, mute players, scramble teams, etc. Servers MUST update at the same time in order for updated players to be able to connect.

See you all in the swamps and catacombs…

(If the FRANKFURT server fills up, the NEW YORK server will also be used to host a simultaneous event)

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