12/12/21 Voting System Update!

Attention, soldiers! Today we released an update that will give you unprecedented control over your Battle Grounds III games—a voting system! Vote for the next map, vote to mute annoying music spammers, vote to kick teamkilling trolls, vote to scramble the teams, and more!

Vote Commands

Enter these commands into the chat (no prefix), with your selection/options appended to the end, to create a vote for other players to vote on! Some votes are universal, meaning both teams vote on them, while others are team-specific, such that both teams can be voting on separate issues. The duration of a vote is controlled by sv_vote_duration.

votekick [targetPlayer]

  • Creates a vote for whether or not to kick the targeted player.
  • Can only kick players on the same team as you.
  • Not universal, i.e. Team-specific vote.
  • Controlled on server by sv_vote_kick_enabled and sv_vote_kick_ratio.

votemute [targetPlayer]

  • Creates a vote for whether or not to silence the targeted player.
  • Universality dependent on sv_alltalk and mp_competitive.
  • Controlled on server by sv_vote_mute_enabled and sv_vote_mute_ratio


  • Creates a vote on whether or not to scramble the teams
  • Universal – both teams can vote on it.
  • Controlled on server by sv_vote_scramble_enabled and sv_vote_scramble_ratio

vote [option1] [option2…]

  • Creates a generic multichoice vote. The result does not lead to any automated actions, so server admins will have to do what they want with the results.
  • Only admins can use this command.
  • Universal – both teams can vote on it.

votemap [map]

votemap [map_prefix]

votemap [map1] [map2…]

  • This is the most diversely functional vote command, with three different modes based on what parameters are provided.
  • All three modes are universal.
  • The first mode “votemap [map]” lets any player create a vote to change to the specified map. It is controlled by sv_vote_mapchange_enabled and sv_vote_mapchange_ratio.
  • The second mode “votemap [map_prefix]” is usable only by admins, and is used to create a gamemode-specific multichoice map vote with images. Example commands are “votemap bg”, “votemap sg”, “votemap lb”, “votemap ctf”.
  • The third mode “votemap [map1] [map2…]” is usable only by admins, and is used to create a customized multichoice map vote with images. Up to 6 maps can be named, and at least 2 must be named.
  • There is an automated end-of-map multichoice map vote with images. Maps can be nominated with the “nominate” command for this. The vote does not occur during competitive play or when a map has otherwise already been selected. The timing of the vote can be controlled by sv_vote_mapchoice_start_time. The maps randomly put up for vote are chosen based on the number of players on the server, so that players will receive optimally-sized maps.

Adding Custom Maps to Map Voting

For server admins, there is a file you have to edit in order to add custom maps to the map voting system. It is located at bg3/cfg/mapelections.res . The file contains seven lists of maps used in different situations. Read the documentation there carefully, follow the correct format, and add your custom maps accordingly—if you run into issues, @ us in the Battle Grounds III Discord!

Some official maps are already included in the lists in that file, though hiddenly. All official lb, ctf, sg, and bg maps are already in their homonymous lists.

For what maps are already included in the public_large, public_medium, and public_small lists, refer to the images below.




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