6/2/22 Voting System Fixes & SECRET Uniform!

Attention, soldiers! This few weeks, several minor updates have been released, including one just today! The details for these have all already been announced on our discord server, however we will still now summarize them here for players who are not on the discord.

Voting System

  • Linebattle map nominations will now only appear in the vote when an admin is on the server or when the gamemode is already set to linebattle (mp_respawnstyle = 4)
  • Built-in RTV will now open a map election instead of immediately switching map
  • The minimum number of RTVs required for RTV is now 2, in cases where there are only 3-4 players on a server.
  • RTV now changes map instantly after the map vote. I.e. it won’t wait until the end of the map anymore (kind of the purpose of RTV…)
  • sq removed from default map vote rotation
  • Added more error message in chat explaining why a player’s rtv command in chat might fail.
  • Maps must now be included somewhere in a server’s mapelections.res in order for it to be nominatable by players. This lets servers have private training/test maps without exposing themselves to trolls who want to switch the server to unplayable maps.
  • Added more failsafes to prevent odd voting system behavior, ex. voting menus staying open for too long or votes persisting through map changes.

Bg_Canal Improvements

  • Widened the British spawn exit door such that trolls can no longer block the exit single-handedly.
  • Made many experimental layout changes and included them in a new map file, bg_canal_test. These changes are oriented toward making it harder to spawn camp enemies.
  • See the video at the top of this post to see an overview of changes.

Other Changes/Fixes

  • the pings chat command no longer includes bots’ zero pings.
  • added admins command to chat which outputs list of admins to chat.
  • locked game at high model quality setting (to potentially circumvent a crash issue)
  • fixed French Officer sleeve on the Royal Forester’s Carbine (there’s a bug where it shows British Officer sleeve instead)
  • added console variable mp_bg2_speed, which when turned on removes the 10% player speed increase from BG2 to BG3; I.e. makes players move at slower BG2-like speeds.
  • removed watermelons

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