18/5/20 Update – New Team Member, Map Changes, Player Action Menu, CSVs, Fixes

Attention, soldiers! Much has happened inside the developer’s tent—first, we would like to welcome the programmer PhilmacFLy back into the development team. Phil was back in the team during BG2, and was in fact the one who first implemented having the website shown in the main menu. He’s back, and he’s already coded something for us: the player action menu, which you can read about below.

Player Action Menu

The native, built-in admin menu now supports the player action menu; this will let admins ban, mute, slay etc. players without having to type in their name. Pesky mic spammers begone! (Thanks PhilmacFLy for his hard work!)

Map Changes


  • Added a house extension to give British cover for defending Inn area
  • Brightened lanterns, for improved visibility
  • Improved spawn areas
  • Various performance and aesthetic improvments


  • Made flank routes even longer (listen for that crow!)


  • Fixed sun color
  • Added another location for crossing the river
  • Smoothed some displacements for improved movement and sightlines

5v5 Tournament Results, Fullcap Mechanism

This weekend was the final match of the Season 4 5v5 Tournament! Congratulations to the CN clan (‘cool nerdz’) for their victory!

However, the match brought to our attention an issue with the fullcap mechanism, one that has been around since BG2. Basically, the game was only checking for fullcaps once per second, such that a team may have to hold the flags for 1 second, while at other times it felt instantaneous. This had a direct impact on the match.

Rematches and such aside, this issue has now been fixed such that fullcaps will happen instantaneously once all flags are captured.

(Additionally, captured flags will no longer give points after the match is ended.)

Exporting Scores to CSV

For those so interested in such data, players can now export match data to CSV files via the csv_export console command. This command can be run at any time (bind it to a key!), and what it does is it export a file into the ‘Battle Grounds III\bg3’ path of their game.

CSV Export

The format for these files is mapname_americanScore_britishScore.csv, for example, bg_ambush_1070_640.csv

And then inside the CSV, there is a list of players with their steamIDs, names, teams, scores, damage scores, and pings.

We understand this feature won’t be used by a lot of players, but there it is for those who would like it.

More Server Variables

These server variables have been added to the game:

sv_perfectaim_training – a non-cheat version of sv_perfectaim which turns off all weapon inaccuracy. However it only works when all players are on the same team (excluding spectators). Clans can use this to practice shooting during their trainings (as bullet drop is still on).

mp_teamdamage_score_multiplier – controls the multiplier by which team damage is multiplied before being added into a player’s damage score. Default value is -2. Setting it to a zero value or positive value may be desirable in certain gamemodes (ex. Jawbones).

mp_suicide_penalty – turns on/off the -100 damage score penalty for when players press ‘delete’ to kill themselves.


That’s all folks! We hope you have enjoyed this update, and stay tuned for more!

“Go on and improve in everything worthy.”—John Adams



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