Update Released! New Team Member, Grenade Changes, Recoil, Map Changes

Greetings soldiers! As announced yesterday an update has just been released. We also have a new member of the development team, so there’s a lot to talk about! The biggest improvements are changes to the grenade and a fix for the recoil bug that was introduced in the last update.

New Team Member – Danihel

Danihel has been the one leading the charge in the Battle Grounds III community, working relentlessly on organizing events and tournaments, so we invited him to join the development team as our community manager. He has already worked to update several of our webpages here on this website, including an updated clan page, an updated weapons guide, and an update list of commands and variables on the server administration tools post.

We look forward to seeing the great work he will keep doing for us in the future.

Grenade Changes

We saw that the Grenadier class wasn’t being used enough in competitive play, so we’ve decided to give his signature grenade weapon some buffs (and a tiny nerf):

  • Grenade damage increased by 15% (from 150 to 173)
  • Left-click grenade throw strength increased by 20% (right click throw has not changed).
  • Grenade range decreased by 5%.

We have many more ideas of how the grenade may change in the future, but for now these buffs will hopefully improve and diversify the competitive experience.

Map Changes

Here we have some minor map changes and a few gameplay changes to Ctf_Stonefort. Also, across all default maps the grenadier limit has been lifted from 1 to 2.


  • fixed missing textures.
  • added seagulls back in.
  • streamlined flag score with other maps.


  • British spawn moved slightly closer to rest of map.
  • British route to wall shortened.
  • swivel now does significantly more damage (~300%).
  • fixed many areas with glitchy movement due to brushes.
  • minor visual tweaks.
  • added spawn rooms


  • first flags are now capped at round start.
  • streamlined flag score with other maps.
  • spawns for both teams moved closed to rest of map for less running.


  • added bit of cover to British Inn area.
  • streamlined flag score with other maps.
  • fixed invisible playerclip in the connector area.

Bug Fixes & Minor Changes

The last update introduced quite a few bugs, which have been fixed in this update. We have also introduced a few new console commands for controlling how the game works:

  • Fixed all problems with recoil mechanics and Old Model Charleville random delay (we tested this on real servers).
  • Added variable mp_ammo_cache_refresh_time to control the refresh rate of ammo caches in maps. Its default value is 30.
  • Added variable bot_follow_timeout to control how long a bot will follow a player after issuing the ‘Follow me!’ command.
  • Added a macro variation texture to breakup the repetition seen in some textures.


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