Early Access Release SUNDAY!

Soldiers! Sharpen your bayonets and load your muskets, because Battle Grounds III Early Access is releasing tomorrow: Sunday, June 30th at 3pmEST/7pmGMT! Four official servers will be available: two on the US east coast, and two in Europe. And keep an eye out for us developers, because we’ll be hopping around between servers. Give us feedback when you see us!

While you’re downloading the game, keep an eye out on our Guides page for official start-up guides, tutorials, and training drills. We’ll help you get assimilated into the new world of Battle Grounds III, so you can spend less time configuring and more time playing!

This war has been a long time coming, soldiers! We’ll see you on the battle grounds!

“Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” ― John Parker

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