Early Access Approved, Getting Servers!

Stand at attention! Our war plans (Early Access) have been approved by the officers at Valve, and we stand to move out any day! Yet before we march, we must consult with our quartermasters to make sure everything is ready!

In other words, Battle Grounds III (BG3) has been approved for Early Access by Valve, but before we release there must be servers to play on! We are communicating with multiple server hosting companies, and are opening the door to community members who wish to start up their own servers.

By “opening the door”, we mean that we are inviting server owners, community leaders, and influencers to email us at community@battlegrounds3.com to apply for a Beta Key which will allow them to access the game and the server software. (Payment or donations will not be accepted as a means to getting a Beta Key.) Server setup tutorials will be provided.

Once we know that at least 4 servers are available, we will make an announcement stating that BG3 will be available as Early Access the following day. We currently have 2 servers available — we need only 2 more!

Communication is key to winning a battle, and so we hope we are doing well here. Stay tuned for more announcements and updates within the next few days!

“An army marches on its stomach.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

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