Changelog 28/8/2019 – Mute Command, Crosshair Options

Soldiers! After an unplanned development hiatus, we’re marching to the drums again with this smaller update. We already have other updates completed an in the works; this update is only a small skirmish in our campaign for final victory.

  • Added a built-in server-side mute command and its alias m . Admins can use this command to mute players (such that nobody can hear them). For example, if there is a player named Awesome that an admin wishes to mute, that admin could then type
    !mute Awesome

    in chat.

  • Added an extra crosshair option, “Make Dynamic” in the BG3 options menu, such that the growth/shrink of the crosshair can be turned on and off. It is checked on by default.
  • Hit verification is now enabled by default. This won’t effect players who have already played the game.
  • Messages from server plugins are now enabled by default, effecting all players.
  • Replaced an old, overly recognizable HL2 cliff texture with a new one.

While we continue working on game updates, we are also considering updates to the website that will help players track development progress and communicate to each other about special events!

Stay disciplined soldiers! Every war lasts longer than you think it will.

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” — Benjamin Franklin



3 thoughts on “Changelog 28/8/2019 – Mute Command, Crosshair Options

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  1. Hi,

    thank you for your game battlegrounds 3 !!! is great and I’m glad it is again in development after a long pause. I read on the web that you will change the website. I think it would be good to place on each unit of both sides with a photo and a description of their history, position in the war. I keep my fingers crossed for further development 🙂


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