Mapping Contest Wrap up!

With the wrap up of our 2020 Mapping Contest, we are excited to bring the winners’ new maps into Battle Grounds III! The developers are currently giving these maps a final pass before releasing them, but before that we’d like to take a moment to showcase the winners.

Mapping Contest Results

1st Place

The winner of the mapping contest was a BeefBacon with his linebattle map lb_autumn. The gorgeous custom assets complemented the already strong layout.

2nd Place

Second place went to Pirates Vikings and Knights II developers Colonel Sanders and Spock Jedi with their siege map sg_deroga. A much needed large siege map with a flashy skybox, deroga is sure to be a hit in pub play.

3rd Place

The winner of the last contest and creator of bg_wrecked, QwErTy, has made yet another fantastic map with bg_canal. A map designed for fast paced 5v5 play, yet large enough for pub play, the map’s close quarters urban combat is divided by the eponymous canal.

Runner Up

Coming in at a close 4th place, yet definitely a worthy addition to the official map list of Battle Grounds III is KasoS’s bg_fort_stmathieu. A palisade fort is the setting for this colorful map, and it will definitely make a great map for large pub games.

Huge shoutout to all of those who participated in the contest! Even though everyone couldn’t win, there were definitely some fun maps that were not listed here. Feel free to download them here.

2 thoughts on “Mapping Contest Wrap up!

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  1. hello guys
    i’m really interested in battlegrounds 3
    i hope you keep making updates and fix the bot ai
    also it would be awesome if you put in the belton flintlock and the ferguson rifle

    and if you are gonna make a new battlegrounds game
    i hope it takes place in the franco-prussian war or crimean war or the english civil war or atleast the civil war


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