Map Update Rollout Plan WEDNESDAY!

Attention, troops! On Wednesday we will be revisiting some of our battlefields to fix bugs we have discovered. The update will be available at 4:00pm EST/8:00pm GMT — all official servers will be restarted and updated at that time, and we encourage community servers to do the same! All players playing at that time should also restart their games.

Here is a changelog for the maps in this update:

  • reduced number of barrels in the main barricade from 2 to 1, and moved the 1 barrel to start in a location where it will be easier for the British to roll it out of the way.
  • widened doorway into house
  • moved several American spawns from the cannon area to on top of the house.
  • reworked boost area to make it more easily navigable.
  • removed one of the barrels in the tunnel to make it easier to jump over the tripwire trap.
  • removed extraneous/distracting foliage in the fort interior.
  • fixed “Trench” reading across top of screen.
  • reduced number of physics barrels inside the house from 4 to 2.
  • added more British spawns, to support up to 40 players on the British team.
  • added more planks for the Americans to use to cross the main barricade, and to eliminate the chance of players getting stuck there unintentionally.
  • made it easier for grenadiers to jump over the tripwire trap.
  • reduced the number of breakable planks in the main barricade.
  • as most of these changes favor the British, the number of British tickets has been reduced from 35 to 33.


  • fixed players spawning under the map

We are also working on upgrades to the moderation tools that will make it easier for average players and admins to moderate servers and run events. These upgrades will be rolled out during the upcoming weekend, exact time TBD.

Have fun and make sure that you report any bugs to our website or our Steam community pages! If you report any map bugs in time, they may be fixed by tomorrow’s update.

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