Changelog 7/7/19 – Admin Updates, Fixes

Stand at attention! Today we released a small, mostly server-side update which adds a few useful commands and fixes a small number of bugs.

  • added rkick and rban commands for easier kicking/banning (see below).
  • added s, k, and b commands as aliases for slay, rkick, and rban, respectively.
  • fixed the @aim selector sometimes acting on the admin instead of the target.
  • added a 30-second per-player cooldown to ammo boxes, to prevent grenade spam on maps such as sg_siege.
  • fixed elision of British score in HUD.
  • added the sv_ragdoll_staytime server variable to determine how long ragdolls persist after dying. The presence of ragdolls can contribute to lag, so setting this to a lower value should reduce lag. The default value is 10 seconds.
  • added the lb_ammo_multiplier server variable as a multiplier for how much ammo players are given at the start of a linebattle round. Linebattle players may enjoy this feature, as it would allow them to focus on the tactics instead of the ammo supply.
  • added the map bg_snowlake to the default map cycle; servers will now play this map without it having to be manually switched to.
  • The already existing mp_disable_firearms variable, when active, now also prevents grenadiers from spawning with grenades.
  • fixed a crash which could happen when a player attempted to use an admin command before joining a team.

How to use slay, ban, kick commands

Suppose there is a player named Awesome[BG3-Dev] on the server and they are being a little bit annoying.

An admin could type this in chat to slay that player:
!slay Awesome
The game will find the player whose name most closely matches ‘Awesome’ and slay that player.
Alternatively, an admin could use this command to slay the player:
!s Awesome
This version of the command does the same thing but is faster to type.

To kick that player, an admin could use any of these similar commands:
!rkick Awesome
!rkick Aweso
!k Awesome
!k [BG3-Dev]
!k @aim

The version with @aim would work if the admin is looking at the player.

To ban that player for 60 minutes, an admin could use any of these commands:
!rban 60 Awesome
!rban 60 Aweso
!b 60 Awesome
!b 60 [BG3-Dev]
!b 60 @aim

These commands do not currently support the ability to tell the kicked/banned player why they were kicked/banned.
Also, only the @aim selector is supported with banning. This is to prevent rogue admins from banning all players at once.

Note that all the commands above are is if they were typed in chat. If these commands are entered directly into console, the prefixing ! is not necessary.

Plans for a larger, feature-rich admin menu have been postponed for next weekend.

See you on the battlefield!


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