Map Update Rollout SUNDAY, Changelog 13/7/19

Troops! We have secret plans to release a huge package of map updates on Sunday, July 14th, at 3pm EST / 7pm GMT. It is important that servers and players update at the same time, or else players won’t be able to play! The official servers will be updated at this time, so players will always be able to play there.

Also on this day, Saturday 13/7/19, we rolled out a new patch which addresses several issues:

  • Fixed some cases where admin commands were not working when selecting a player by name. Here is some reference for selecting players by name:
    • Search is first performed as case-sensitive, and then case-insensitive if nothing is found.
    • The search term will match a player if at least 5 characters match or it is an exact match.
  • Added a delay between when a server switches maps and when bots are automatically added. This gives servers a chance to fill up with players before adding bots.
  • When a player joins, their name, Steam ID, and assigned admin permission will appear in the server console. This is useful for server owners who are debugging their server setup.
  • In the scoreboard, players are now sorted by damage instead of by score.

We are working hard on the new admin menu, and we are hoping to finish it so that it can be packaged with the update tomorrow!

We would also like to let everyone know that just because we have not fixed an issue or bug does not mean we are not aware of it. Here is a list of known issues we are planning to fix, in no particular order:

  • The “Mute Players” menu does not work consistently;
  • There is no server-side player mute option;
  • The scoreboard size and layout are incorrect after changing screen resolution;
  • There have been reports of team chat not working properly;
  • The swivel guns occasionally let players fire them in unrealistic “rapid fire”;
  • On a particular map, it is possible to escape the intended playing area (this is being fixed in the map update tomorrow)
  • When picking a team, the team menu does not always let a player join even when they should be able to, or vice versa.

Thank you for your soldier’s discipline! See you on the battlegrounds!

“Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes! Then fire low!” — Israel Putnam


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