Changelog 6/9/19 – Map Updates, Bug Fixes & More

Attention, soldiers! The previously announced update has just been released. Both servers and players have to update in order to keep playing with each other.

Changes not previously announced and included in this update:

  • Removed annoying tomahawk and war club first-person idle animation.
  • On sg_fall, re-added the invisible walls that prevent players from hiding in the bushes at the edges of the map.
  • On sg_fall, near the inner yard, Americans can now get onto the ramp onto the ramparts without jumping.

Clarifications to changes previously announced:

  • The “solo” admin command mutes everyone but the user, until the user leaves the game or uses the “solo” command to unmute everyone. If a different player uses the “solo” command while another solo is in effect, the solo power transfer to that player.
  • A new “unsolo” admin command can be run by an admin to disable any current solo power.

Changes previously announced and included in this update:

  • On bg_townguard, the swivel gun will be moved to the opposite side of the town square, and an ammobox dropped at its former location.
  • On sg_fall, the British capture of the Inner Yard will trigger the destruction of a fortifying wall; the ladder leading to the Inner Yard will be easier to traverse.
  • On bg_maricopa, a surprise will be waiting on the second floor of the house!
  • On sg_siege, all annoying physics barrels will have been removed; the tunnel will be wider and easier to traverse (no more crouch jumping over the low barricade).
  • On official maps only, the swivel gun rapid-fire bug will be fixed.
  • With friendly fire off, grenades will no longer be able to kill teammates, but will still be able to injure them (i.e. an attack will always leave at least 1HP). This is an attempt to balance the need to fix teamkill trolling and the discouragement of throwing grenades in unrealistic locations. Grenades will still kill the thrower.
  • Considering a history of consensus that the Jaegar class is better than the Frontiersman class, the tough, frontier-hardened Frontiersman will now receive less damage from low-damage attacks, just like the Grenadier classes.
  • The Frontiersman’s knife’s animations will be sped up to feel more natural.
  • The “mute” command’s toggling functionality will be switched to a “mute” and “unmute” functionality.
  • A “solo” command will be added such that all but the admin invoking it will effectively muted. This will allow server admins to make announcements over voice without interruptions from players.
  • The crosshair mechanics will be changed such that the crosshair will persist for a short time after using ironsights, revealing the ironsights accuracy of all weapons and making it easier to track targets while using ironsights.
  • With dynamic crosshairs only, when the player performs a melee attack an enlarged dot will appear for a short time to indicate when the melee system is scanning for hits. This will make the melee system slightly more intuitive.
  • The “Wells Fargo” logo on ammoboxes will be replaced with an East India Trading Company logo and a clearer label as an ammobox.

That’s all for today, soldiers! Keep your discipline, and stay strong for future battles.

“We have a wretched motley crew, in the fleet; the marines the refuse of every regiment, and the seamen, few of them, ever wet with salt water.” — Benedict Arnold


Maricopa House Explosion


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