Changelog 26/9/19 – Crash Fix, Discord Server

Attention, soldiers! We are still working hard on future updates, but recently an exploit was discovered that crashes servers. We wanted to deliver a fix for this right away, and we’ve also thrown in a few extra goodies for good measure. In other news, BG3 now has a developer-run Discord Server! Join it now to meet other players, share war stories, and chat with the developers! Additionally, soon the website will be updated with permanent links to this Discord server and other servers which are run by the community.


    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to crash servers.
    • Bots no longer try to aim or crouch when firearms are disabled.
    • Fixed the HUD’s class count icons not showing (and now, the counts only appear while the local player is dead).
    • Added an sv_stamina server-side variable that can be used to disable stamina. Disabling stamina allows for bunny-hopping, so be careful (or have fun) with it. Stamina is still enabled by default.
    • Cleaned up some extraneous console messages.


“Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages.” — George Washington

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