Website Updates, Mapping Competition Closing, Tournaments

Attention, soldiers!

While we developers are still on campaign for the next big game update, other battles have taken place in other theaters of war! The website has been updated, the community’s mapping competition is coming to a close, and community-run tournaments are still ongoing!

Website Updates

The BG3 website now has some new pages to help players connect to the community! The Clans page lists active clans, and the Links page lists links to many official and community resources that are useful to players.

Own a clan and want to get your information on the site? Have you written a useful article about BG3? Tell the developers on the official Battle Grounds III Discord!

Mapping Competition

Only about 24 hours remain in the community mapping competition! The maps entered will be graded on graphics, gameplay, and wow factor! The winners will receive portions of a €250 prize pool! For more information, visit this page.

One (or more!) of the maps may become official Battle Grounds III maps — here are screenshots of the maps entered so far!



This map, we suspect, will player similarly to bg_ambush – two single person flags near the spawns, and a two person flag in the bowels of the ship. With water, cliffs, secret caves, this ought be a fun map!



This linebattle map was made by an experienced mapper who is new the BG community. This linebattle is like no other—a small town area, mountain paths, and fenced farm fields make the map feel large and small at the same time. Long-range shooting is sparse on this map—volleys will be fast, and quickly followed by melee combat. And how will multi-clan linebattles fare? Stay tuned!



Trench maps have been a staple theme for community BG maps. This map tries to change the CTF formula in that your goal is not to capture the enemy flag, but to bring your team’s flag to your opponent’s trench. How well will this formula work?

If you have not entered your map yet, do it soon! Again, visit this page for more information.

Soon, too, an event will take place for players to try out these maps to help determine which of them is the best of the best.


The Battle Grounds III Community has organized for itself tournaments to find out which players and teams are the best fighters. Learn more about these events and participate by joining the BG3 Community Tournaments Discord.

“1v1 Stab-off” Tournament

Recently a 1v1 tournament was won by our very own former developer “eat meat” who is also the organizer of the ongoing mapping competition. The runner-up was “GreedyChris”, with “Plexi” following up in 3rd place. Congratulations!

2v2 Tournament Signups!

A 2v2 tournament is starting soon! Sign ups are open until November 4th at 8pm GMT. You may sign up in two person groups or as individuals.

“Fishy’s Linear Conflict League” Linebattle Tournament

Coming to a close is a linebattle tournament. Participating clans include the 42Cdo, 66th, 29th, 12th, and 69thNaf. Stay tuned to hear the final results!

Upcoming Updates

Within the next two weeks we will be ready to deploy a large game update that will feature the long-promised admin menu and a voting menu. These features will help admins and players control their own games.

We also have many side projects in the works, so you can expect a few extra goodies—maps, weapons, skins, or ?—stay tuned to find out more!

“Well done is better than well said.” – Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1737

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