Update RELEASED! New Guns, Admin Menu, New Map, Bug Fixes

This is duplicate post of what was posted on Steam two weeks ago.

Attention, soldiers! A new update has been released. This is the biggest update in the history of BG3—read below for the changelog!


  • Added a new weapon, the ‘M1717’ Old Model Charleville for American Infantry—an older musket donated by French allies. While technically superior in accuracy and melee range, the weapon suffers from an unreliable lock with a longer, randomized lock time.
  • Added a new weapon, the Dutch Musket for American Infantry. Paid for by Dutch investors, this is a good all-around weapon which features a quick lock and less stamina drain when stabbing.
  • Added a new weapon, the Sea Service Pattern Brown Bess for Royal Infantry. A marine weapon pressed into infantry service, this musket is a bit shorter but otherwise identical to the regular Brown Bess. It has a quicker reload time, a shorter melee range, and a lesser weight that slightly increases player speed. The weapon all features a faster aim-down-sights time.
  • Increased the power of buckshot used by the Fowler and the British Light Infantry Carbine. Also buffed the carbine (as used by officers and British Light Infantry) with the same faster aim-down-sights speed of the Sea Service Pattern.
  • Fixed the Charleville smoke bug.


  • Added an admin menu which is accessibly with ‘G’ by default. Existing players will have to bind the key from the options menu. Players may also need to use the options menu to bind the keys 7 through 0 as used by the menu. From this menu, players can start events, change maps, manage game options, and more. As this menu is still in early development, there are currently some limitations which will be fixed in future updates:
  • The map list only includes default maps and not custom maps.
  • Per-player actions (ban, kick, mute) are not yet accessible from the menu.
  • The ‘Community Configs’ section only lists configuration files now pre-included with the game (Thanks to the 29th Regiment of Foot for the configuration files!), as opposed to listing all custom configurations on the server.


  • Added a team-wide class menu that allows admins to easily select the class, weapon, and uniform for their team (linebattle only)(and the spawns on the maps must be inside the trigger_spawn_room entity). This menu is accessible as an option in the admin menu (or separately bindable in the options menu).
  • Fixed HUD bug where health & ammo numeric labels disappeared at lower resolutions.
  • Fixed bug where some game messages such as “The British have won this round!” and “Americans win!” did not appear.
  • Game messages (as exemplified above) now appear in a larger font in a black box beneath the score information at the top of the screen.
  • Added the ‘msay’ command to let admins make messages appear in the same area as normal game messages (as described above).
  • The ammo ball icons in the HUD are now easier to see and now stack into rows instead of extending horizontally.
  • Improved killfeed icon for Short Pattern Brown Bess Bayonet (whose bayonet image is shared with the carbine).
  • Player counts and limits now appear in the class menu on top of the class icons.
  • Class health effects (such as the grenadier’s built-in damage resistance) are now described in the class menu via a label which appears when the class is selected.
  • Weapon lock time now appears as a displayed stat in the class menu.
  • Noclip and ‘spawn’ commands now display messages in chat when activated; this prevents covert admin abuse in competitive matches. (Thanks Karpik!)
  • Improved the description of the War Club and fixed various typos in other weapon descriptions.
  • Renamed the “Brown Bess with Bayonet” for Royal Infantry to “Short Pattern Brown Bess with Bayonet”. In time, it may be renamed to “Short Pattern with Bayonet” entirely. Historically, ‘Brown Bess’ was an umbrella term for a family of variations or ‘patterns’, not a specific model.
  • Added ‘Wine Bottle’ easter egg.



  • Added Ctf_Stonefort map. Fire the swivel gun, storm the ramparts, and the capture the flag to bring victory to your team!
  • On Bg_Trenton:
    • 1st flags are now already capped at the start of round
    • small window added to enable shooting from connector to inn
    • market upper (scaffolding) area expanded
    • various minor tweaks
  • Added new props and textures as used on Ctf_Stonefort and Bg_Trenton; these are now available to community mappers.
  • Took out Bg_Snowlake, Bg_Freemans_Farm, and Bg_Woodland from the default map rotation, while adding Ctf_Stonefort.
  • On bg_freemans_farm and bg_plateau, reverted default configurations to ordinary skirmish (no ticket mode).
  • The default server launch script (LaunchServer.bat) is now set it load the ‘sq’ map by default, as opposed to bg_plateau.


  • The autoexec.cfg has been modified so that all new players start with ideal network settings. This will even the playing field from a network perspective. (Thanks Greedychris!)
  • The autoexec.cfg also now enables plugin messages by default.
  • Added a self-explanatory ‘swap_teams’ command which effects all players. (This functionality is also accessible from the admin menu).
  • Added a self-explanatory ‘remove_class_limits’ command which effects both teams.
  • (For mappers) func_tank entity now returns the player using it as !activator when using the OnGotPlayerController output.

That was a lot! There are new toys for you soldiers to play with. Our next large update will be at the end of February; until then, you can expect plenty of smaller hotfixes and content updates to fix issues that arise, especially in regards to the new admin menu.

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