3/27 Summary of Patches, Survey, Roadmap Changes

Battle Grounds III has received several updates this past week; we have created survey to let YOU help us decide our development direction; and we have made tweaks to current roadmap as us developers get a better understand of our own development pace. Continue reading to learn more!

Patch Changes

As is the case with large content releases, well-intentioned changes do not always have the desired effect. The shotgun slow effect introduced last weekend was proving to be a bit too strong, so we’ve restricted it to only apply on head, chest and stomach damage. A shotgun hit will also only drain half of the stamina as opposed to all of it. The grenade’s effect is unchanged.

Another patch was to the newly added weapon: The new Committee of Safety Musket’s bayonet range has increased from 83 to 84 inches, such that its melee range is between the Short Pattern and the Long Pattern. Its high damage alone wasn’t enough to compensate for its higher lock time, so we have buffed it this way.

Some of you may have noticed a bit of lag or clipping when walking up angled surfaces, or on flat surfaces with certain classes. This has been a bug that has plagued BG3 since its release. The source of the movement bug was finally found and Awesome was able to deftly patch it in a night.

The fixing of this bug has also allowed grenadiers to be put back to their original size (taller than other characters). Additionally, we have buffed the Grenadier class itself slightly by increasing his hanger’s melee damage, such that it can kill in two arm hits.

A few small tweaks to the new siege maps have been implemented as well. The bomb cart on Sg_Boston got a visual upgrade, as did several other assets. On Sg_Ravine, the boards in the fort’s entrance cannot be damaged by grenades, and the hut jump was made more difficult.


We are also very interested in your feedback on the state of the game. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey; help us get an idea of what we’re doing right and what we could be doing better.


Once we are satisfied with the number of results, we will share them with you.

New Roadmap

We have been making progress on all the current roadmap items, but based on survey feedback thus far, we have re-prioritized and re-scheduled our goals into a more incremental approach. Here is our new roadmap, see the roadmap page for more details:

  • April  1st )(not a joke) Scoreboard damage score fix/improvements
  • April 4th ) Colorblind mode
  • ( April 11th ) New weapons, progression system, stats
  • April 18th ) Training level, hint system

We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”—Benjamin Franklin

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