11/26 Update

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’d like to give you a juicy BG3 update to put alongside your thanksgiving spread.

Gameplay Updates

  • Grenadiers wielding grenades will now drop them when their throwing arm is injured.

In an effort to move away from point blank hipfiring for easy kills, the following experimental shooting changes were applied:

  • Hipfire accuracy cone is now 1.5 times as big as before
  • Hipfire accuracy takes slightly longer to reach it’s peak after coming to a standstill
  • Bringing up ironsights (ADS time) now takes 25% longer, to reduce unrealistic quick-scoping
  • The ‘slow debuff’ applied by shotguns and grenades now only lasts for 4 seconds instead of 5

Map Changes


  • Removed first flags, modified other flags into 2/1/2 split
  • Opened up the city hall area a bit more
  • Flag behavior streamlined with other 5v5 maps


  • Graphical enhancements, including waves (thanks Taxpayer!)


  • Front gate has more health
  • Moved tunnel flag further back in favor of defenders
  • Main tunnel room made slightly bigger
  • Added a room in American spawn to serve as a ‘final stand’ room when tickets run out
  • Respawn time lengthened from 7s to 9s to give defenders more time to recover
  • British spawn barricade now breaks a second slower to give defenders more time at round start
  • Added class limits for grenadiers

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken ground texture on wrecked
  • Fixed glass texture reflection, multiple maps
  • Fixed hole in british spawn on siege that allowed for an early exit
  • Fixed missing texture on canal

11/8 Update

Mapping contest maps released!

At long last, the maps from the contest will be officially released! We know you all have been chomping at the bit to play them, and we have been hard at work bringing the maps and new assets into the game.

Revamp: sg_siege

Lead mapper meat has been taking the bg2 classic sg_siege and bringing it up to par with other bg3 maps such as bg_winterisle and ctf_stonefort! Some of the changes include a reorganized interior with a swivel gun, brand new palisade models, a redone mine and cellar, and smoother overall gameplay. These are welcome changes on an already loved map.

Gameplay tweaks

All 5v5 maps have had flag capture times standardized. The old flag cap time on some maps was 5 seconds, and this has been shifted to 3.5 seconds. This should allow for faster back and fourth gameplay.

Miscellaneous additions and fixes

  • New models have been added for mappers and level designers to play with
  • Weapon models recompiled by Awesome to fix lighting bugs
  • Broken physmeshes on certain props fixed by meat
  • Townguard has received another round of graphical updates
  • Respawn time on townguard has been reduced by 1 second to account for shorter cap times
  • Added 5v5.cfg and pug15.cfg

15/7/20 Update – Mapping Contest, Map Changes, Musket Changes, Fixes!

Hello Friends,

It’s been a while since our last update, however you all have not been forgotten about. While this update has not been as flashy as some of the weapon additions, there are map improvements galore and new assets that bring a bit of polish to the game. There’s also a nice fix that players have been demanding for quite a while.

Mapping Contest Update

With our mapping contest coming to a close, make sure you swing by the mapping competition site to check out the teaser images of the contestants’ maps. The maps are looking phenomenal and we are really looking forward to seeing what they have done. A final playtest will be held this Saturday, the 18th at 6PM GMT. Check the official discord for more details!

Map Changes


  • Added choke points to flanking routes
  • Added more cover to the American side of the map
  • Small changes made inside of the fort
  • Moved the British flag slightly further away from the British Spawn
  • Brightened the map
  • Winterisle has replaced plateau in the default map rotation


  • Added a shortcut to the town center middle garden
  • Fixed the small stairs in British spawn that players got stuck on
  • Toned down the HDR and bloom


  • Added an ammo box in the connector
  • Raised the peep hole in the connector, market can no longer see if someone is jumping over the connector wall
  • Added slight cover to the market stalls


  • Fixed flag return times to 2 seconds for both teams
  • Ammo boxes have been added to the sniper nests
  • Fixed a hole in the map near American spawn
  • The logs over the middle are now easier for players and bots to traverse


  • Added more spawns for both teams
  • Lowered a rock model near the right side of the main gate that was causing players to get stuck on it


Bombzone removed due to not seeing much play

New Assets

As the deadline for the BG3 Mapping Contest nears, some fancy new assets have been added to give the upcoming maps a bit more polish. They include:

  • New flat and pointed palisade walls
  • A market box that fits on top of the stall
  • An assembled static farm wagon
  • Updated wood spikes and a second skin for them


Musket one-shot kill ranges have changed to be based on the weapons’ damages. These ranges are now visible in the classmenu. Accuracy values are also now reported in the class menu.

Last, but certainly not least, the red screen effect that occurs when players take damage has been reduced. The red screen had the tendency to disorient the player in dark or smoky environments; this tendency should now be reduced.

A new variable ‘mp_damage_kill_cap’ now exists such that, when turned on, damage values are capped to the victim’s health; for example a fatal headstab (on a healthy player) would always report 100 damage regardless of weapon used. This can be used in competitive environments in order to balance damage scores on the scoreboard.


“My bursting heart must find vent at my pen.”—Abigail Adams

18/5/20 Update – New Team Member, Map Changes, Player Action Menu, CSVs, Fixes

Attention, soldiers! Much has happened inside the developer’s tent—first, we would like to welcome the programmer PhilmacFLy back into the development team. Phil was back in the team during BG2, and was in fact the one who first implemented having the website shown in the main menu. He’s back, and he’s already coded something for us: the player action menu, which you can read about below.

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4/24 Patch

What big release would not be complete without a patch following it up a few days after?

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • The physics model on the short pattern has been fixed.
  • Charleville iron sights/smoke bug fixed.
  • The iron sight on respawn bug has been fixed.


  • Fixed a few graphical bugs.
  • Moved supply cache slightly further away from American spawn.
  • Added bit of cover to British cannons to facilitate fullcaps
  • Improved playerclips on rocks around British cannons
  • All flag cap radii were equalized to 160 units


  • Map has been updated to reflect newest version, with totally redone bridges.
  • Players should be getting better performance.

Community Mapping Contest

Hello friends!

We are pleased to announce that members of our community have banded together to create a mapping competition. The goal of this contest is to bring quality mappers from other corners of the source community to try their hand at making new content for BG3. With a prizepool reaching upwards of 500 dollars, and donations streaming in, we are excited to see what people come up with. For those who don’t have the patience for mapping, do not despair! The prize pool is open for donations, and you will not be walking away empty handed; you’ll have great new maps to play at the end of the contest!

You can find more information here

The current prize pool and donation options can be found here

Cavalry Update Incoming


We at the Battle Grounds III development team have been hard at work bringing out the biggest update this game has ever seen! Cavalry will be a specialty unit unlocked after you have amassed a certain amount of flags or kills (amount varies per map). On linebattle maps, teams will start with a predetermined amount of cavalry, to be skillfully maneuvered in order to wipe retreating and disorganized foes. Not only will cavalry be added, but you can expect to see different classes including heavy cavalry, hussars and dragoons! Stay tuned for more updates!!!

“April Fool’s Day!” -George Washington

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